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General Practitioner / Doctor / Health Professional

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About Me

I moved here to Perth WA in 2012 with my lovely wife and two young boys from Glasgow, Scotland. Having worked and trained there for 12 years we decided that the sunny skies of Perth would make for a great place to settle down and raise our sons.


I have worked in medical centres across Perth and can be found these days in more than one location both north and south of the river. I encourage those who are looking for appointments to always look online as I may be booked out for weeks in one location but have times available at others.

I like to think that I provide holistic care and look after many families, from young children to elderly providing the care each individual needs.

I have a keen interest in treatment for unresolved chronic conditions along with diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic heart disease and COPD as well as weight management and mental health.

I have been working in Skin Cancer medicine and have done skin procedures for the past 12 years, I studied skin cancer treatment in Glasgow, this study has been at work since arriving in Western Australia where skin cancer is prevalent. In addition to routine GP clinic I offer skin cancer diagnosis and surgery. 

For patients who are interested in wrinkle relaxing injections these, including dermal fillers are offered and quoted on a case by case basis.  

When I do get time away from consulting I enjoy cycling, cricket, camping, travelling and spending quality time with family and friends.



Wangara Medical Centre

4/2 Prindiville Drive


P: 08 9409 6200

Doctors Corner 

Unit 12, 215 Grand Promenade


08 6155 8750

Nedlands Medical Centre

Suite 25, 88 Broadway


P: 9389 8964

Alpine Medical Centre

7-8/60 Geographe Way


p: 08 6247 6955


What's going on where I am

As you know, I am a medical practitioner who works at various clinics around Perth. I will gladly share what is going on where ever I may be consulting. Please follow the links that I have in my posts as they will take you to the appropriate website where the information I wish to share is stored. 

Nedlands Medical Centre - Iron Infusions now available
Iron Infusions available.png



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